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Boycotting Asda

The Asda juggernaut cares not a jot for customers nor the community. Here's why I'm now boycotting the supermarket chain.

Being a customer of Asda has come to a abrupt 17 year end. After spending the best part of £100,000 in Brighton Marina Asda, the news that I would take my business elsewhere unless common sense prevailed was met with a shrug of the shoulders by the store's employee in charge of parking.

Back in August 2015 my wife took part in the Brighton Pride event on behalf of American Express. The roads along Brighton seafront are closed, each year, for several hours and consequently the buses along the coast are suspended. Having 2 small children (4 and 7), we decided that the best way to support their mother was to drive to Brighton Marina, get the Volks railway into Brighton, see the parade, get the railway back and do some shopping in Asda. It was a good plan in principle but the bomb scare in Brighton set us back several hours.

A few weeks later I received a letter from Smart Parking and ordered to pay £70. The reduced fee period had expired by the time I got the letter and I always hoped that somebody at Asda or Smart Parking would be sympathetic to my plight. Nobody took any notice; the store manager never even acknowledged the letter I sent him and the employee in charge of parking could barely conceal her contempt at my pleas for clemency.

The upshot is that I paid the damned fine because I couldn't take the stress it was causing me and am going to have to boycott Asda which is really inconvenient. I wish I'd stumbled across across Private Parking Appeals before I paid because they would have fought my corner and helped me appeal. Unfortunately I'd paid the night before they took my case on.

Click on the images below to see the correspondance from Smart Parking (in reverse chronological order). Hopefully my mistakes in handling this matter will help others be more successful if they also feel wronged by the Asda machine.

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