Rightmove ADF to RTDF Conversion Service

As of 4th July 2016 Rightmove will no longer accept their legacy ADF uploads and will require agents to upgrade to their API service (Rightmove Realtime ADF). If you have not yet upgraded your systems to support this, Tinit offer an interim conversion service until you're software providers are 100% ready.

If you supply property data to Rightmove then you'll most likely have heard they're stopping support for their old style ADF on 4th July 2016. You'll also probably have received a letter from them like this one and if you haven't switched over to the Real Time Data Feed (RTDF) then your properties will soon become out-of-date on what many agents regard as their most important source of leads.

The Dev Team have developed a solution which converts the old style ADF into the new RTDF so that agents who won't have completed the transition by the cut-off date, or who wish to have a little more control over their property data, can continue to upload to Rightmove.

Rightmove's cut-off date

Even if you are compliant with Rightmove's RTDF then we can help you have more control over your property data. We can manipulate your data before sending onwards, delay new properties being uploaded, add features, change prices, add paragraphs about your agency and more....

We are currently busy implementing this service for a number of agents and expect a surge in demand once Rightmove stop processing the old feed. Avoid disappointment and take advantage of our reduced setup fee by booking today.

Setup: £200 + VAT (for confirmed orders prior to 27th June)

Monthly Charge: £50 + VAT (for the duration of the service. There are no cancellation fees)

Multiple agencies: Call us to find out more about our bulk discounts

Other Considerations

  • All of your existing property images will need to be re-uploaded to Rightmove. Rightmove won't supply you with what they've got so if you don't have a copy then ask how we can help.
  • Rightmove will tell you that any Premium Listing credits you have applied to your properties will be lost in the change of data feed. We will upload using the same property references and, in our experience, this information will not be lost.
  • Rightmove will also tell you that any historic property information in the Property Performance report will be lost and recommend storing this information before the change takes place by printing the client report for each property. We have also had information from our clients that this is not the case, their property history has remained intact.
  • And finally; Rightmove will tell you that when your new feed successfully updates your properties to they will all appear as new listings, that you will be removed from the Agent Competitor Analysis report for 28 days and the 'Time on Rightmove' report for 3 months. This also appears to be be incorrect information as the property listings of our clients have been updated as opposed to replaced.

Your next steps

Call us on +44 1424 442400 and we'll guide you through the simple steps (below).

1. Start supplying your data to us and we'll convert it to the Rightmove Realtime ADF.

Please check/amend/add your details below and they'll be automatically saved.
Your agency:  
Your Agency:
Your Name:
Your position:
Your telephone number:
Your email address:
Your Current data feed contact details:
EMail Address:

2. Decide whether you want new properties to go "live" immediately or wait 24/48/72 hours

One of the complaints agents have had about the RTDF format is that they are now being forced to upload new properties to Rightmove as soon as they become available to their applicants. With Tinit's solution you can specify how long you wish to wait after a new instruction is added before it is uploaded.
Upload new properties:

3. Our FTP Details

We will supply you with FTP details so that your data feed suppliers can send to us too.

Your Dev Team Details:  
Account live: (received setup fee)
DD/SO setup: (direct debit setup)
FTP address:
FTP Login: TBA
FTP Password: TBA
Data feed status: Waiting for data

4. Inform Rightmove that The Dev Team will be updating your properties

E-Mail Rightmove's customer support on to let them know that "The Dev Team" will be sending through your RTDF data.

5. Use Your Dev Team control panel periodically

Visit Your Dev Team control panel to see the status of your feed including:
  • Your settings and preferences.
  • When we last received and processed a data feed from your agency.
  • When Rightmove was last updated with your property data.
  • Whether there were any validation errors and what they were.
  • Whether we are missing any images relating to your properties.

Steve, Nigel, Dave or Joe are ready to answer any questions – please call us on 01424 442400

Read more about Dave Radley on

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