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Strategic insights from data visualization and analytics

Big Data is a massive resource if it can be harnessed to useful information that can be widely disseminated to those that need to use it. Data visualisation tools such as Tableau and PowerBI are designed

Data Cleaning
In most cases the first step is to make sure that your data is ‘clean’. Not only the normal de-duping, but picking up mis-classifications or standardising the inputs if they come from multiple sources.

  • Data visualisation & visual analytics – over 8 years of corporate experience across multiple industries with a specialism in healthcare
  • Data management & storage – building, maintaining and hosting databases & data warehouses
  • ETL, data scraping & collection – designing bespoke apps and processes to access & prepare data for insightful analysis


Our background in healthcare quantitative market research and business intelligence enables us to create work that is driven by the need to answer questions & deliver greater understanding. Impactful analysis in an easily digestible manner is at the core of everything we do.


Client Feedback:

 “The dashboard has gone down an absolute storm.  The executive has already presented this to the core team and they thought it’s wonderful, and already have some key questions and actions based on it.  We have some insights already that have led to actions!!  We are taking it as an example of excellent visual data and showing it as what we can achieve to our entire UK insight team”

Market Research Manager, UK, top 10 pharma


“..having worked at this company for over 10 years I’ve seen many data projects, but this has been the best so far without question. Fantastic job – well done team!!”

Global Brand Manager, top 10 ‘best global brand’


“What a fantastic tool!!!  THIS IS WOW, WOW, WOW!!!  Thank you so much for this excellent summary of the Product results. That’s the best dashboard I’ve ever seen in this field and will save us a lot of time.

Apart from this it displays many data and information in an easy to read format!!! Congrats to you and the team”

Europe Senior Business Analyst Oncology


“..we have been really impressed at how quickly you’ve been able to respond to all our requests & just get things done. Far exceeded our expectations.”

Associate Director, Global Strategic Market Insights, top 20 pharma


Tinit working in collaboration with MoorConsulting.com



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Knowledge Base

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