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VB equivalent of the C# ? operator

In C# you can quickly do if statements by using the ‘?’ operator, and check for null values by using the ‘??’ operator.

This is done with the following syntax:

int i = 1;
string result;
i > 1 ? result = "i is greater than one" : result = "i is one or less";


The same shorthand coding style can be achieved in VB.Net (since 2008) by using the IIf function as follows:

Dim i as Integer? = 1
Dim result as String
' C# '?' equivalent
IIf(i > 1, result = "i is greater than one", result = "i is one or less")
' Or C# '??' equivalent
IIf(i is nothing, result = "i is null!", result = "i is a number")
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