Word to Web CMS (Content Mangement Systems)

Keep it fresh, make it relevant.  The only way this can be managed is by enabling your staff to update the content to the pages they are responsible for.

We have created a really simple to use interface that gives them that power.

The user steps are:-

  • Write your document in Word (or most other major editing applications)
  • Use all the normal editing, formatting and reviewing tools to finish the document
  • Open the administration section of the website (password protected)
  • Copy and paste the whole word document into the text area.
  • A new web page is instantly created.
  • Review the new page as a website user.
  • If necessary go back and use the full set of editing tools that are also available, to make amendments.

A small example would be which has been made more valuable by having the ability of being updateable by the staff. The fact that the content of the site is updateable by the site owner makes this a Content Management System. We specialise in constructing this type of site, with as much or as little updateable content as is required. Unlike the mass produced CMS systems however, our sites are tailor made for the owners.

We have done our fair share of corporate brochures, but on the whole this is not what we aim at.

Delivering control of content to our clients.

That is our aim. We create websites that are database driven. This means that you can control the content by adding information to the database, and this work is instantly made available to your end users.

The NewsFlash on the right of this page can be updated at a moments notice and by anybody with the necessary password permissions. Pictures can be imbedded in the document as well. 

Powerpoint presentations translated into html. Including the rather elegant animations that are so much a part of modern Power Point. Add a voice over and keep it synched with the slides is a great way of quickly delivering a message. Alternatively you may prefer a custom animation with either voice or music background.

Creating new brochures that are updateable has an obvious attraction, and if you include methods for providing instant quotations, it has to be of advantage. And naturally we can link up to various credit card clearing operations if you wish to go all the way. If this is the sort of flexibility you are looking for from your website, give us a call.

Tinit is a leading supplier of Content Management Systems that enable users to update and add new content to their websites, without having to cope with the arcane rituals of html coding.

Most people now agree that the only way to keep a website useful to a company’s customers, is to make sure that it is easy and quick to update. If each change has to go through a tortuous process of passing finished copy to website managers (and in some cases agreeing a price for each change requested), the end effect will be that little is done and a great opportunity is missed.

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