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The rapid development of the Internet and technology has seen a huge increase in the amount of data, knowledge and tools for us all to share. Effective callaboration is essential if we are to make use of that information & those tools, maintain focus and work towards the deliverables outlined at the begining of each project.

First off; communication is the key. There is no substitute for picking up the phone and talking with your customers and/or colleagues.

Secondly; There are lots of other methods of communication; screen sharing software, VOIP software, chat apps and, of course, email all of which should be tracked and automatically recorded so that there is an audit trail of communications.

Next; we have lots of other collaboration tools such as document sharing; Google docs, Zoho, Microsoft's document sharing.... all of which enable you to work on a document at the same time as others.

And then; we have project management tools such as Basecamp (our current choice) which helps you to keep on top of projects in terms of whose responsible for a task and what the next step is.

We have even created our own business with it's own project management tool set where we put together O&M manuals  for building companies. Take a look at Tinit Manuals for more information.

Related to Collaboration

Eclipse Mining

A mine planning, tracking, QC and reporting package. Used at gold mines in Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Eritrea and soon many others.

Denaploy Manuals

Construction is the ultimate collaborate endeavour from client inception to architectural design, to principle contractor and all their sub-contractors and then back to the client and their facilities management provider. We developed a service that enable all these participants to deliver documentation that meets or exceeds CDM2007 requirements in an efficient and timely manner that has been used by all the major companies in the sector. Kier, Lang O’Rourke, Overbury, Skansen, Chubb, and many more. We estimate that we have documented nearly £1bn of construction projects

Knowledge Base

Adobe Edge

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Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is the first step when developing a new website/web application. 

It is the creative development process, thinking of ideas and problem solving with regards to how the end user will perceive and find the project and how to implement the ideas into the development process.