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Denaploy has been deeply involved in may aspects of the construction industry since its inception and has worked with Main Contractors, Sub-contractors, Architects, Surveyors and CDMCs.  We understand the pressures of the industry and its sometime arcane vocabulary.

O&M Manuals

Our special interest has been in general documentation such as H&S manuals, O&M manuals, technical manuals, and User Guides - Click to View or for more descriptions go to this article.

Internal document Libraries

But we also work with other businesses such as Dry Wall Tech who, in addition to their general website, needed an internal system that enabled their staff to get the latest froma documentation fr everything form holiday request forms to accident report forms.

Related to Construction

O&M Manuals

When any significant building work is undertaken, either as a NewBuild, a Cat A refit (of the basic structure) or a Cat B refit (tenants fittings), it is a legal requirement in the UK that an O&M manual be provided as part of the Health & Safety documentation for the building. The Manual contains full details on everything from the correct way to clean the carpets, to the correct maintenance schedule for the Air conditioning.

Denaploy Manuals provide services for the constrcution industry to prepare their O&M Manuals smoothly and efficiently.

Denaploy Manuals

Construction is the ultimate collaborate endeavour from client inception to architectural design, to principle contractor and all their sub-contractors and then back to the client and their facilities management provider. We developed a service that enable all these participants to deliver documentation that meets or exceeds CDM2007 requirements in an efficient and timely manner that has been used by all the major companies in the sector. Kier, Lang O’Rourke, Overbury, Skansen, Chubb, and many more. We estimate that we have documented nearly £1bn of construction projects

Newsstand Books

Looking to have your work published for local bookshops and libraries or perhaps for your friends and family to enjoy? Would you like use of our website to sell your books and receive royalty payments every time we sell a copy?

Newsstand Books offer services that enable you to print and publish your book, one copy at a time.

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